Sharon Gaffney Counseling

You’ve decided to seek therapy, but who do you trust with this process?

Choosing the right therapist can be a challenge, especially in Wisconsin’s Lake Country area where there are many great therapists to choose from.

Good therapy relies on some important qualities: an engaged therapist, a safe and respectful environment, and a depth of understanding that can be witness to all of who you are.

I believe that there is wisdom within each conflict, whatever the source: uncomfortable feeling, difficulties at work, school, or relationships, unmanageable stress,
or more severe symptoms such as persistent thoughts about death, obsessive anxiety, or a spiritual or existential crisis.

Psychotherapy that aims to change your life in profound and meaningful ways;it is no “quick fix.”

Lasting positive changes occurs in the context of an ongoing, trusting relationship between an empathetic therapist and a dedicated client.

Through the right kind of therapy, this wisdom can be fostered into being and transformed into a different, more comfortable, level of understanding

My passion is working with adolescents and adults to meet the challenges they may be experiencing.

Here is a list of some of the issues that I enjoy working with:
• Adoption
• Anger Management
• Anxiety
• Autism
• Bipolar Disorder
• Career Counseling
• Co-dependency
• Depression
• Developmental Disorders
• Divorce/Blended Family
• Eating Disorders
• Feminism-friendly
• Grief
• Infidelity
• LGBTQIA+ friendly
• Marriage/Family
• Men’s Issues
• Oppositional Defiance Disorder
• Self Esteem
• Substance Abuse
• Trauma/PTSD
• Women’s Issues
    Sharon M Gaffney
LPC-it, SAC-it, EMDR, MA

After years of working with individuals as a mentor and a role model, I desired to obtain the academic credentials to assist others
in lifes journey to sustainable wellness.

This is what drove me to pursue my Masters Degree in Counseling at Antioch University with a focus in Substance Abuse Counseling,

and continue to further my education through the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (iaedp) Foundation. 

Overcoming anxieties, depression, substance abuse, life changes, and eating disorders requires support and empowerment.

This is my commitment to you.

"My therapeutic approach is to build trusting relationhsips with my clients
while helping them find healing, life skills and sustainable wellness."

The journey can only be completed by your entire being as every part of you is important and impactful in your process of personal healing.  I view my work as a supporter who empowers you towards self-actualization.
Sharon Gaffney Counseling
Oconomowoc, WI
(262) 309-1417
"My therapeutic approach is to
build trusting relationships
with my clients while helping
them find healing, life skills
and sustainable wellness."
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